What’s mucking up your success in relationships?

Are rocky relationships roughing-up your moonlit path? What about your success at work? “Why, oh why?” you ask. It’s likely that you keep sabotaging yourself with Minor Soul Contracts, the ones you made subconsciously, probably when you were very young. They are the decisions that keep on ruining your hopes and dreams.

They go like this,

  • “I will not be the successful one. I will let Other One be the successful one.”
  • “I will fail at love. I will let Other One have the best love relationship.”
  • “I am not good enough to advance at work.”

I’m sure that if you stop to ponder this, you’ll have one or two float to the top of your mind. You may or may not remember who or what event caused you to set it in concrete.

Why haven’t you succeeded? (cue spooky music with spiteful, denigrating voice)

Because you have self-limiting, minor soul contracts buried deep in your subconscious.

• They control your actions and re-actions, causing you to say or do stuff you regret later.

• Stopping you from moving forward with that great idea.

• Making you believe you’re not good enough, etc.

Minor soul contracts are written on the spur of the moment, to fill a need or lack right then. They were usually made from a point of pain. They weren’t carefully considered. They are not permanent.

For example, the first Minor Soul Contract I discovered for myself was that

“I will not be the smart one. I will let the other person be smarter, and I will not speak up.”

Whew. How awful is that for someone like me? Or you?

I can easily call up many memories when that particular contract undermined me, confused my friends, or just plain messed up my life. It also happens that ‘not speaking up’ is one of my life lessons, a failure point that can be turned into an asset. Fortunately, I’ve learned to speak up and it’s an asset now!

Do you want to cancel the contracts that are no longer useful for you?

You can, ya know. Let your curiosity be your guide. It’s kinda magical.

How could your life change when you understand and neutralize your Minor Soul Contracts?

You’ll find out more about Minor Soul Contracts and discover one that’s roughing-up your life these days in this mini workshop.

It’s fun, and it’s also a true ah-ha moment. You’ll discover more about your potential than you knew.

Join us for an enlightening look at how you can have

  • • A more satisfying love life
  • • Better relationships with family and friends
  • • Smoother relationships at work

And even better:

• How to tune-in to your intuition to discover what’s blocking you.

Come to one or both webinars. You’ll discover something different each time.

The more ah-ha moments, the better! It’s a quest for knowledge and freedom!

When: Thursdays, March 3 & 10 at 5:30pm MT

Where: Online via Zoom. You must register in advance on Zoom in order to receive the link to the webinar. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

You are invited to a Zoom meeting March 3, 2022 at 05:30 pm Mountain Time (US and Canada)


You are invited to a Zoom meeting March 10, 2022 at 05:30 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)





Be a Goddess! Live a mystical-magical life. Boost your love life, relationships, health, career — soulfully! ✵Hypnosis ✵Reiki Master ✵Intuitive ✵Soul Journey

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Peg McMahan ✵Fantastic Hypnotherapist ✵Soul Wisdom

Peg McMahan ✵Fantastic Hypnotherapist ✵Soul Wisdom

Be a Goddess! Live a mystical-magical life. Boost your love life, relationships, health, career — soulfully! ✵Hypnosis ✵Reiki Master ✵Intuitive ✵Soul Journey

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