Quick stress relief is in your hands

A simple hand massage can do wonders.

I went to the Big Box grocery store the other week. I had thought to go on the weekend but decided to go on Monday because it would be less busy. <snort>

Wrong. Apparently, Monday is a busy shopping day, too!

By the time I made it back out to the car, I was white knuckled and holding my breath! You recognize those symptoms, I’m sure.

Yikes! Introvert-intuitive-highly sensitive-empath

’Tis the season, so we’re all looking for simple ways to relieve stress in the moment — the moment when we’re listening to someone drone on and on, the moment when we’ve had enough of the festive party, the moment when the noise and excitement have built too high.

According to the Tao of Jin Shin

a Japanese method of hands-on healing, your fingers represent every part of your body.

Each finger affects as many as 14,400 functions.

Therefore, it stands to reason that you can also affect your emotions by massaging your fingers or hand. Think about it. A hand massage is astonishingly relaxing, right?

This simple practice can help you manage trauma, too.

Here’s how you do it for yourself. It’s simple.

Finger Attitudes: Hold each finger gently for several breaths, letting your mind roam. You can massage or just be still. As each stressful thought surfaces, consciously set it aside. You can revisit it later if need be.

Essential Grounding: Clasp your hands together and gently stroke your palm with your thumb. This is an easy way to stay calm and balanced whenever you’re waiting, e.g. in the checkout line.

Do it often so it becomes a habit. This is one that I use so often I don’t even think about it. I just do it.

Each part of your hand represents a different body part or emotion.

Which finger does what?

Click here to see my chart of effects, imbalances and symptoms.

If you’d like to know more about this method of healing, please comment.

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. — C. G. Jung

If you’ve been restless, maybe even feeling the draw for an exciting, challenging Vision Quest because you want to know what else there could be, listen to your intuition!

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Be a Goddess! Live a mystical-magical life. Boost your love life, relationships, health, career — soulfully! ✵Hypnosis ✵Reiki Master ✵Intuitive ✵Soul Journey

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Peg McMahan ✵Fantastic Hypnotherapist ✵Soul Wisdom

Peg McMahan ✵Fantastic Hypnotherapist ✵Soul Wisdom

Be a Goddess! Live a mystical-magical life. Boost your love life, relationships, health, career — soulfully! ✵Hypnosis ✵Reiki Master ✵Intuitive ✵Soul Journey

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