• the same significant other — different face
  • the same job — different place
  • the same body — nope, it’s still the same

Life is a mystical, magical, spiritual spiral

It seems the same experience, but…

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  • When there’s nothing to talk about and you rely on the TV or food or a good song to inspire some limp conversation?
  • Someone is constantly complaining about the other.
  • You keep giving what your SO demands, and it’s still not enough.

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Peggy McMahan, HHP, CHt, LMT

You have a simple, heartfelt goal to change something about yourself that’s been bugging you for a long time. You might be fat, single, or broke. You might have a phobia that only seems unreasonable. You might be wishful of a more spiritual or aligned way of living. …

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Peg’s vacation photo by Robbie Pepper.
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  • You’re struggling because every day looks the same as the last one. Next week looks like last week. Ho-hum, hum drum.
  • You might be…

Peg McMahan Holistic Health/Hypnosis/Life Coach

You know how it’s only Monday & next week looks the same as last week? Past Life Regression + Holistic Health + Hypnosis + Life Coach + Reiki Master + Intuitive

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